Eco Friendly Shampoo Kit

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Zero Waste Shampoo Bars

🌎 All-Natural Vegan Shampoo Bars
✌️ Ditch Plastic in your Shower Routine 
💯 Safe for Colored or Treated Hair
💜 1 Lavender & 🍯 1 Honey Gold
🔵 1 Seaweed & ⚫ 1 Bamboo Charcoal
  Looking to try a new natural shower routine? Enhance and protect your hair with our vegan shampoo bars. It's time to leave plastic out of our shower routine as more than 500 million plastic shampoo bottles are wasted yearly. Our handmade shampoo bars help leave your hair soft, renewed, and properly nourished without stripping away your hair's natural oils or hair color. 
  Our eco-friendly shampoo kit contains our four most popular scents from our collection. Cleanse with our morning lavenderhoney gold, organic seaweed, and bamboo charcoal shampoo bars. Use our eco-friendly shampoo kit for the perfect zero-waste gift!