EcoDaisy Bathroom Cleaner

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EcoDaisy Bathroom Cleaner is an all-round germ-busting superstar, something every green-living family should consider a household essential. EcoDaisy Bathroom Cleaner can be used on bathroom tubs, countertops, sinks and shower. It leaves behind no toxic chemicals and no sticky residue – just the fresh fragrance. The EcoDaisy Bathroom Cleaner takes a no-nonsense approach to cleaning. That means no harsh or toxic ingredients, no unnecessary additives, and no artificial scents or colours. You can rest assured you and your family are getting the safest, healthiest household cleaning solution. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Clean your bathroom tub, countertops, sink and shower without being overwhelmed by toxic fumes
  • Amazing "heaven in a bottle" smell
  • 32oz


  • Purified water
  • Biodegradable coconut and sugar-derived surfactant blend
  • Sugar-derived water conditioner and ethanol (derived from corn).
  • Food grade perfume