Rest-EZ Balm

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Help sore and tight muscles relax so you can Rest-EZ!

Cottonwood trees are noble giants of the west, providing shelter from the sun and standing guard over many watering holes. Their nurturing ways extend to the characteristics of their oils, considered to be the 'original aspirin.' Enjoy their strong but gentle presence in this balm meant to help relax sore or tight muscles so you can rest easy.

Athletes who have sore, tired muscles will enjoy this balm after a hard workout or those who suffer from neck and shoulder pains, this makes for a great massage balm, particularly followed after the fascia fizzy bath!

It has a light minty scent that will invite the body to cool and relax.

Suggested use: Apply topically as needed, rubbing into sore or tight muscles.

Not recommended for those allergic to aspirin.

2-oz jar